Multiflex tents

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Multiflex Basic unit

Famous Food Catering - Multiflex Basic Unit

Multiflex Apse

Multiflex Apse

Multiflex Pavilion

FFC Multiflex Pavilion

Multiflex Dome area

FFC Multiflex Dome

Multiflex Forum

FFC Multiflex Forum type tent

Multiflex tents

If your wish to offer a stylish atmosphere anywhere out of doors, Multiflex tent is the ideal decision. It is equipped with a luxury cassette flooring giving attractive vision, comfort and safety. The tents may be installed in variety of forms and design.


So, get inspired ...


"The Catering" Tent - quick installation, easy transport, 100% safety.



Basic module   -   8/3м

width                   -   8м

length                 -   3+/м


Multiflex tent offers efficient decisions for different events - corporate events, cocktails, parties, conferences, presentations, etc.


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The patented technology provides 100% opening of all sides of the tent.

Possibility for Translucent roof and sun impermeable coating of the roofs.

Possibility for internal separation of the tent.

Possibility for installing doors.


Flooring construction

Luxury flooring structure that provides both attractive vision as well as a flat, stable and dry surface.

The flooring also serves for strengthening the tent and ensures 100% safety in all weather conditions.


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