Accessories / Specialised equipment for tents

Flooring construction

We have at our disposal flooring for all types of tents available. It offers offers warmth, comfort and safety.


Possibility for installing of doors - for Multiflex & Uniflex tents. The doors are equipped with ramps and  “push & pull” system up to safety standards.

Glass and hard-PVC system wall elements

Unifleks type tents offer an unique opportunity for setting of glass and hard-PVC system wall elements, providing comfort, security and attractive vision.

Heating and air conditioning

Full range of equipment for indoor/outdoor heating. Gas patio heaters, direct and indirect fired gas and diesel heaters, mobile air conditioning and heating system, external cooling  

We offer the solution, the choice is yours.


We offer a wide range of lighting products.

Intelligent LED lighting, halogen floodlights, fluorescent lamps, outdoor lighting, decoration lamps, carnival lighting, etc.


Where to find us

Sofia 1040, 36 Dragan Tsankov bld., World Business Center Interpred

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